Flexible, predictable, transparent pricing
$60 user / month
For businesses that need a shared platform with their field sales teams.
*per person, per month, billed monthly or annually, minimum 10 users.
$90 user / month
For growing businesses that are looking to centralize operations and scale.
*per person, per month, billed monthly or annually, minimum 50 users.
Pay as you grow
We’ll start where you are and adjust the number of users if and when your needs change. You will never pay for software that gathers dust. All our applications are integrated and can be added at any time. We will work with you to determine the optimal number of applications and users.
Stable cost structure
Our pricing is sensitive to the resource allocations of small and medium-sized furniture wholesalers. The cost is based on the number of applications you implement and the number of users. Our platform requires no specialized training for your staff. There are no hidden fees. No backups. No server upgrades. No upfront licenses. No unpredictable administrative and IT-related costs. No update fees.

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Work from anywhere
Staff can access information and respond to changes in real-time, often automatically. Sales staff on the road can collaborate with staff in the office/home office on the same document at the same time and create client.
Document management
Upload documents (Word docs, Excel sheets, PDFs) or images into one centralized database. Pull up key documents at a moment's notice. Protect and track all activity: create audit trails, redact confidential information, use electronic signatures. Set-up access rights based on your company’s business processes.
Multiple warehouses
Track and reserve available inventory across multiple warehouses. Single view of inventory data.
Quotes and Sales
Create quotes, convert to sales orders, check inventory availability, perform credit checks.
Lead management
Organize and sort leads. Record key interaction details during showroom visits. Use customer registration data to enter orders.
Customized reporting and data export. Automated email reports.
Workflow automation
Automate perfunctory, repetitive tasks. Presentations from a mobile device.
Quicker decisions and fewer mistakes
At-a-glance view of full customer history (previous orders and deals in showroom and on website, record of conversations with sales and customer support staff). No more duplicate customers. The system will detect and flag repetitive information.
Customer support
A lean management ticketing system that provides visibility into customer staff workload and bottlenecks. Automate & route tickets to customer support staff.
Single database
Unique source of the truth. One platform for all your company data.
Warehouse operations
Manage shipments and incoming inventory. UCC-128 labels and custom shipping labels (different sizes, styles and formats using the label designer) based on customer specs.
Manage accounts receivable
Automated invoicing and crediting. Duplicate document detection. Customer self-help portal for payments and document submission. Full integration with CRM and Warehouse Operations.
Purchase and receive inventory
Create requisitions, obtain approvals, convert to purchase order, receive inventory.
Manage accounts payables
Manage payments and vendor credits. Duplicate document detection. Automated billing entry for received inventory. Automated check shipping costs against shipping bills (*TMS integration required).
Banking and accounting
QuickBooks integration. Manage bank transfers and bank deposits. Issue and print checks with full security audit trail.

Data transfer
Your company, your data. Access and export all of the data in raw format, for reporting, backup, and transfer presentations from a mobile device.
Best-in-class security at no additional cost
Our applications are leveraging the capabilities of Google Cloud security (secure-by-design infrastructure, encryption by default at rest and in transit, cloud compliance, data privacy, transparency).
Virtual private cloud
Leveraging Google Cloud industry-leading data privacy capabilities. Control over your data and visibility into when and how it is accessed.
Backup and disaster recovery
No extra costs for backup and disaster recovery.
Vendor handles updates and upgrades
With our cloud applications, you do not run the risk of missing upgrades or updates.
Modern and intuitive user interface
Smooth, seamless design that provides users a straightforward experience.
Mobile app
Sales, customer, and warehouse staff get the same detailed overview of the inventory. Plus, sales representatives can place orders seamlessly even when they are on the road.
Integrate with existing ERP
eCommerce integration
A lean management ticketing system that provides visibility into customer staff workload and bottlenecks. Automate & route tickets to customer support staff.
Customizable and flexible
Capture as much detail as you want about your customers. No blank fields. (e.g. flexible address book, fully customized item attributes)
CRM, ERP and CEM combined
Share a single database between ERP, CRM and CEM (customer experience management).
Simpler integration with other web apps
Integrate with external web apps through the provided APIs or through Alchemy.

Pay as you grow
Add more users or capabilities if and when your business needs change.
Predictable monthly costs
No unpredictable administrative and IT-related costs. No update fees.
Deploy quickly
Deploying in a little as two weeks.
Knowledge of your industry
Specialized to the needs of wholesale furniture distributors, not tailored from generic software packages.
Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
No server upgrades, no upfront licenses.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between and enterprise?
You need at least 50 paid users on the Enterprise plan. The Sales Today plan has a limited number of features and is available as an app for your iOS or Android device or as a web application. Sales Reps can view live product inventory levels, conduct inventories in the field, assemble and share presentations on the go. Other in-app functions include reports (for customers, products) and an integrated barcode generator with scanning capabilities. You can add up to 20 users on the Sales Today plan. To find out more about our plans and available options, please contact our sales team.
Is there a free trial?
Due to the nature of this type of software, and the need to import or sync existing company data, we can only provide a demo version of our software populated with generic data. For more information please contact our sales team.
What are my payment options?
We currently accept debit and credit payments but can accept alternative payment methods if you email us at We charge per user and a one-time setup fee that depends on the size of your business and the number of applications you sign-up for. Our sales team will speak to you about a discount available for upfront payments (applicable for 12 months payments).
Do I get a refund if I deactivate users?
For the month-to-month subscriptions, we bill according to the number of accounts that are active on the 1st day of each month. For upfront payments only, we'll apply a prorated credit to your account for any paid users that are deactivated. This credit will be applied to future charges for your account.
Do I pay a subscription?
Our sales team will discuss the SaaS subscription pricing model.