A digital transformation platform that moves
your business along

Chorus connects all your business operations, from sales and customer management to inventory and finance

Cloud architecture

Work anywhere, anytime, on any device. Go paperless by digitizing documents. Track and automate workflows.
  • Less time spent syncing
  • Pull up key documents at a moment's notice
  • Create audit trails
  • Redact confidential information, use electronic signatures
  • Set-up document-level, user-level or system-level access rights
  • Automate perfunctory, repetitive tasks


One platform for all your customer data.
  • Full customer history
  • No more double entry
  • Integrated address validation
  • Flexible address book
  • Automatic customer segmentation by territories
  • Automatic leads allocation
  • Integrated document management and activities tracker
  • Exemption certificate management tool and sales tax integration
  • Automated order processing based on preset business rules

Inventory management

Multiple warehouses and channels, single view of inventory data.
  • Full item history
  • Customizable product structure based on inventory
  • Multiple price lists
  • Price list level or item-level discounts

Customer support platform

Enhanced employee engagement equals more sales. The tools to help customer support staff stay organized and efficient.
  • Kanban ticket management system
  • Automate & route tickets to customer support staff
  • Built-in email functionality

Lead management

We don’t just lead you on.
  • Track calls, emails and meetings automatically
  • Record key interaction details during showroom visits
  • Use customer registration data to enter orders

Warehouse operations

Streamlined shipping. Customization capabilities for labels and packing slips.
  • Manage shipments and incoming inventory
  • UCC-128 labels and custom shipping labels (size, styles and formats)
  • Custom packing slips


Reduce manual processes by more than 50%. With our digital filing system, financial documents don’t get lost, miscategorized or damaged.
  • Automated invoicing and crediting
  • Automated billing entry for received inventory
  • Automated check shipping costs against shipping bills (*TMS integration required)
  • Duplicate document detection
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Manage bank transfers and bank deposits
  • Issue and print checks with full security audit trail

Vendor relationship management

Timely tracking of vendor data.
  • Record as little or as much information as you need
  • Organize vendor data per vendor purchase orders and multiple vendor requisition requests


Reports that are unique to your business.
  • Flexible reporting and data export
  • Automated email reports


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