Know your leads on a personal level.

An app that traverses multiple sales channels. Blend insights recorded in person by sales representatives with online customer behavior data. Micro-target your marketing campaigns to increase sales.

A holistic customer view

Get consolidated insights about the complete customer journey from buying patterns to marketing engagement.

More deals, less data entry

Use customer registration data to enter orders. Streamline your order entry process.

Instant access

The data captured when a customer arrives in the showroom is available immediately. Sales employees who opt for push notifications can get an alert upon the customer's arrival. Available on mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Automate lead management

Track calls, emails and meetings automatically. Create reminders for follow-ups and important deadlines.

Build stronger relationships

Get a one page view of the detailed customer interactions history. Record interest (or lack thereof) in certain products or categories to better target sales and online marketing campaigns.

Sales analytics

View and search customer engagement data sourced from sales representative visits log and e-commerce activity. Track each customer as it progresses through your sales pipeline.

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